Shakespear–Love’s Labour’s Lost

Compared LLL displayed by the Globe stage version and Kenneth Branagh's musical film: In the Globe stage version, these four lords look like they are more like friends rather than a Duke and his followers. Longaville pretends to cry when he signs his name on the schedule when he heard Dumain “pine and die” (1. … Continue reading Shakespear–Love’s Labour’s Lost


Chinese students’ true love in Athens

Chinese students’ true love in Athens By: Yumin Zhang In Athens, there are many Chinese Restaurants including Dynasty, Peking Express, China King, China Fortune Restaurant, China Panda, Ginger, Grand China Buffet, Lam’s Garden and Fusion Noodle Company. It seems like Chinese students should be never afraid that they cannot eat transitional Chinese food in Athens. … Continue reading Chinese students’ true love in Athens